Why Us?

The Owner

                 Award winning interior design company, De-clutter & Décor is here to help you with your home

design and organization needs. 

We recognize that each client is unique in their taste, style, and preference, and that "one shoe does not fit all". As such, we listen to your needs, take your budget into consideration and make it our goal to leave you happy.​After all, it's your home; why shouldn't you be happy in it?

Let us use our expertise and connections to bring your vision to life on schedule and on budget.  

The owner, Karlene, has had a passion for decorating and design

since a little girl. She has a keen eye for color combinations, space

planning, unique custom designs, and not to mention skilled at many

home renovation projects.  Karlene has floored, tiled, trimmed, painted,

and sewed.  Karlene has the innate ability to conceptualize the outcome

of a project which sets her apart from the average decorator/designer.

Karlene is formally trained through Ashworth College in Georgia.

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Remodeling and Home Design

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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design